Ralph Metzner, Ph.D.

“Filip Záruba’s film on the experience of smoking the venom of the Sonora Desert Toad – Bufo Alvarius – with the soundtrack by Satori, Filip Záruba and Maok, provides eloquent and elegant testimony to the visionary worlds that can be opened up by the ingestion of this powerful natural hallucinogen. While such experiences inevitably transcend our capacity of communication, yet these masters of image and sound are able to convey something of the awesome mystery of these visions.”

Professor Emeritus at the California Institute of Integral Studies, USA
Author of The Toad and the Jaguar, Allies for Awakening and many others

Amanda Feilding

5-MeO-DMT has been a cornerstone of many ancient civilisations around the globe. Filip Zaruba beautifully explains the importance of this powerful psychedelic and its ability to dramatically open up the mysteries of non-duality. The personal accounts of this documentary should inspire policy-makers to consider the potential of DMT assisted therapy. This film underlies why it is so vital to carry out brain imaging to investigate the mechanisms underlying this amazing compound. A study I have long planned, once the funding becomes available. I hope this film gets the acknowledgement that it deserves as it could produce a turning point in psychedelic medicine.

Founder and Director of the Beckley Foundation , Oxford UK

Scott Olsen, Ph.D.

“Filip Zaruba’s beautiful, informative, provocative and timely documentary on what may be the most fascinating entheogen known to humanity, Bufo Alvarius (also known as the Colorado River Toad), deserves every one of its ten film festival awards. It is a world-class production. Poignant in its penetrating content with stunning visuals, on site experiences, and intriguing follow-up accounts that literally dazzle the audience. This is clearly the best presentation of the profound effects of what may become the greatest entheogen known to humanity. It contains a fascinating experiential description by the psychotropic researcher par excellence, Stanislav Grof, who makes it very clear that the 5-MeO-DMT (5-methoxydimethyl-tryptamine) found in Bufo Alvarius produced in him the most phenomenal transformative experience of any medicine with which he has ever worked – “…it was the toad that showed me the shortest and fastest way to the Absolute.” And despite the fact that there are roughly 400 cataloged plant medicines, this is one animal medicine that far exceeds all other entheogens in its profound effects. Filip Zaruba has captured this realization in his wonderful documentary presentation. The visuals, experiential scenes, and testimonials are built around the central account of Dr. Octavio Rettig Honojosa’s successful self-healing from a variety of addictions and subsequent transformation of over 9,000 people by administering this ancient treasure from the Sonoran Desert. There is absolutely no doubt that this healing elixir could transform the world, and Zaruba has succeeded in presenting it in the most accurate and beautiful light as a master craftsman with the medium of film. I highly recommend Bufo Alvarius – The Underground Secret to anyone in search of the ultimate non-dual path to illumination.”

Professor Emeritus, Humanities Department, College of Central Florida, USA, member of the Theosophical Society of America

Author of international bestsellers  “The Golden Section – Nature’s Greatest Secret“ and “Designa: Technical Secrets of the Traditional Visual Arts

Sebastian Job, Ph.D.

“Filip Záruba’s documentary Bufo Alvarius is a true work of divine remembering, of Platonic anamnesis. The film begins with the most acute recreation of the entry into the 5-MeO-DMT ex-im-plosion I have ever seen. It is uncanny to be drawn into these frames. As if one were allowed to witness again, this time from a third person perspective, the intimate kenosis of the soul that reliably happens on the other side of the pipe. For anyone yet to undergo the bufo/5-MeO-DMT baptism, these scenes are then replicated on the symbolic level with the help of psychedelic pioneer Stanislav Grof, who gives an incisive description of his first dissolution into the all-pervasive Clear Light. The remainder of the film follows a band of novices through their first bufo experiences, and incidentally, through interspersed interviews, gives a glimpse of the depth of the Czech engagement with psychedelics. If I have any reservations about the presentation, it is that Záruba leans heavily on the utopian potential of bufo/5-MeO-DMT, without attending to the darker sides of the whole bufo/5-MeO-DMT scene. Perhaps that can be the next film.”

Honorary Associate, Department of Anthropology, University of Sydney,
Casual Lecturer, National Institute of Dramatic Art, Sydney

Dean Jefferys

“Filip Zaruba, his music and animator collaborators and the people interviewed have made a great contribution to help people understand the unbelievable effects and the potential of smoking Toad venom. I had to watch this movie twice as there was so much to take in and the first time I watched it I had a few re-activations and was unable to focus to read the subtitles. From Octavio’s heart based interview one can see he is on a mission to share this powerful sacrament and experience with many people and change the world one person at a time. While Transpersonal Psychologist and Psychedelic Elder, Stanislav Grof amongst other things discusses the possibilities of 5-MeO-DMT assisted therapy, and says “Trying to persuade someone to do it is to big a responsibility”. Watching his film is part of the research everyone who is considering this journey must do, as it ain’t all roses in there. Well done crew.”

Film maker, Whale Whisperer, Australia
Director “Shamans of the Amazon” and “The Toad the Whale and the Sun”
Administrator of FB Group “Toad & 5-MeO-DMT Forum & Support”

Michael Wiese

“A glimpse of the Divine. Congratulations to Filip Zaruba and his team for accepting the immense challenge to make the invisible visible and to gently deliver us to vast inner universes in their new film Bufo Alvarius.To give audiences a glimpse of the Divine is no small feat and only rarely attempted. The experts appearing in this film prepare the groundwork for the superb special light effects that simulate the frog medicine journey. Dr. Octavio Rettig is especially lucid when he describes what he has learned from being a shaman/toad medicine facilitator and guide to more than 8000 people. This grounding gives viewers a foothold from which to experience other realms realized through the film’s tapestry of music, songs, and special light effects. Kudos also to the brave toad travelers who allow us an intimate ride from Blast-Off to Return. Five stars for a film that attempts to answer the big question about how to get from “here” to “there”. Onward!”

Publisher, Filmmaker, “The Shaman & Ayahuasca”, UK

Viliam Politikovič

„Psychedelic substances accompany and has transformed humankind from time immemorial. Although almost forgotten, their European history is significant. However, there is still no open discussion about their remarkable effects and they are on the edge of illegality. The film by Filip Záruba is both a suggestive, impressive image and a message about the most powerful known psychoactive substance. Appealing film rendering provides strong impetus towards positive change, towards the possibility to grasp the unity, to enter the free space outside of the conceptual categories where everything is possible – no matter if you get there with or without the psychedelics“.

director, cinematographer and writer

Natasja Pelgrom

“This is so much more than a psychedelic movie – it’s one of those rare psychedelic movies with the special effects that makes less sense to the rational mind after repeated viewings, which might be a sign that its working its Bufo Alvarius frequency magic. The movie reflects a small part and only a few view points of the full experience that the medicine brings, but it is a very good attempt in informing and uniting us that are facilitators with the medicine. Every day I feel blessed to have this medicine in my life and the honour and humbleness is well portrayed in this beautiful attempt to inform the viewer of the transformation that is out there for those that seek it. Watching this movie is a like a journey unto itself. AHO”

Source catalyst, freedompreneur, sacred medicine woman, NL

Rak Razam

“A stunning visual documentary exploring the science and shamanism of the Bufo Alvarius toad, the non-dual reality of our true nature, and the powerful experiences of seekers that dare to confront the ultimate mystery of the Divine within.”

host/producer Shamans of the Global Village

Veronika Gold, MA, SEP

“The Bufo Alvarious movie is truly an exquisite documentary about the Sonoran Desert toad.  Filip Zaruba gives us a picture that is as close as possible to what is truly ineffable, a masterpiece showing us the infinite love and the cosmic experience of non-duality that is our true reality.  We are in the need of healing and awakening more then ever and this film shows us the transformational potential of psychedelic medicines – and specifically of 5-MeO-DMT. The movie is following journeys of several psychonauts, guided by a shaman Octavio Rettig accompanied by his commentary and explanation of the medicine, its possible effects, contraindications, and ways of working with it. Stanislav Grof, Michal Vancura, and Pavel Bem discuss the value of this and other etheogenic medicines on individual and societal level. It is the best film I have seen discussing and showing the experience with 5-MeO-DMT.”

Psychologist and Psychotherapist, CIIS, FFUK, USA

Angeline Wolfe

Wow – what a beautiful film. It was so very touching. For me, it was a journey within a journey, as the sound and visuals transported me into the ‘bufo experience’ in the now, feeling the resonance, feeling blessed and grateful, thank you. I felt the film was very well structured, clear, concise and balanced in its views. I am curious and look forward to hearing about the channels and distribution plans – praying the film finds and reaches those people who hold so much social power that they help create a successful epidemic. For all of us working with the medicine, I pray that we come together and plan for what’s needed as Bufo Alvarius underground goes overground. The very best of luck with this beautiful, engaging, super conscious film.

Environment and Health Consultant, Personal and Business Coach, UK

Georgina Piccione

“One of the most important films I have seen in my life. We are all looking for something to make us feel happy, complete. No matter who we are and what our problems are, we tend to look outside of ourselves for answers. Travel, culture, sex, work, professional success… all beautiful life gifts, but they won’t make you happy until you take a trip into yourself. Bufo is one of the tools that nature provides us with to do exactly that. Bufo Alvarius – The Underground Secret will give you a thorough, responsible account of this sacred tool, as it considers not only experiential but also academic and scientific perspectives to approach this subject. Inner exploration is the way, bufo is the tool and this film is your way in. Don’t miss it. This could be your first step to happiness.”

interpreter, Universidad del Salvador, Argentina

Tonia Madenford

„For more than 4’000 years, the ritual use of entheogens has provided mankind with passageway into other realms that the western scientific minds define as purely mythological: the space occupied by Soul. Although the Vedic scriptures, Sumerian texts, and Upanishads have all described a world that exists just beyond our waking senses, modern society still resists the notion that life all around us is multi-dimensional. In fact, this hidden world could lead to important insights for solving spiritual and material problems we face in our current times of trials and tribulation. ‘Bufo Alvarius – The Underground Secret’ provides hope that this sacred tradition is still upheld by shamans of today. Kudos to the filmmakers for exploring such forbidden territory and opening doorways into expanded consciousness and unconditional love.”

director and film producer

Václav Dejčmar

“Experiences with naturally-occurring psychedelics such as ayahuasca, psilocybe mushrooms or the immensely intense Bufo Alvarius are fascinating especially for their universality. Completely different people come back from a trip or a ceremony with very similar insights into the nature of reality. And these insights are very similar to the famous account, uttered by Martin Luther King, Jr. in his Christmas sermon on peace in 1967, exactly fifty years ago: We must either learn to live together as brothers or we are all going to perish together as fools. It really boils down to this: that all life is interrelated. We are all caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied into a single garment of destiny. This is the way our universe is structured.”

producer, economist, investor and philanthropist

Mgr. Miroslav Horák, PhD.

“Filip Záruba as a visualization master, Stanislav Grof as a prophet of psychedelic renaissance and post-materialism, Octavio Rettig as a shaman for the masses and especially Bufo alvarius as a carrier of potential remedy for the addicted. The Colorado River Toad is a huge challenge for interdisciplinary research, especially in fields such as anthropology, neurochemistry and religious sciences. The film by the Asaya Productions is simply an audiovisual orgy.”

anthropologist, ecologist and linguist – Mendel University in Brno

MUDr. Stanislav Kudrle

“The Bufo Alvarius movie is an impressive spectacle and a message of the essence of Being, of the essence of the Universal creative intelligence. The participants – psychonauts agree in a mystical epiphany that the Love transcending time and space is the driving force of the entire Creation. The film challenges questioning of the fundamental interrelations of the Being even for those who never came across the toad and that’s where its uniqueness lies”.