Michael Wiese

“A glimpse of the Divine. Congratulations to Filip Zaruba and his team for accepting the immense challenge to make the invisible visible and to gently deliver us to vast inner universes in their new film Bufo Alvarius.To give audiences a glimpse of the Divine is no small feat and only rarely attempted. The experts appearing in this film prepare the groundwork for the superb special light effects that simulate the frog medicine journey. Dr. Octavio Rettig is especially lucid when he describes what he has learned from being a shaman/toad medicine facilitator and guide to more than 8000 people. This grounding gives viewers a foothold from which to experience other realms realized through the film’s tapestry of music, songs, and special light effects. Kudos also to the brave toad travelers who allow us an intimate ride from Blast-Off to Return. Five stars for a film that attempts to answer the big question about how to get from “here” to “there”. Onward!”

Publisher, Filmmaker, “The Shaman & Ayahuasca”, UK